Radio Zipcode EP

by Chris and the Zipcodes

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released January 1, 2016

Chris Zipcode - vocals, Morgan - guitar, Tom - guitar, Mark - bass, Notorious Z.I.P - drums



all rights reserved


Chris and the Zipcodes Liverpool, UK

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Track Name: My Baby is a Zipcode
Midnight streetlights flicker off in the neon light, lazer lipgloss hairspray and a ladder down her tights

She's a cathode ray insanity plea consumer counter culture on mtv dead eyed mind controlling conspiracy uh oh my baby is a zipcode.

Midnight streetlights flicker on in the neon light, studs and leather y'know they never looked so good alright
Track Name: (Bad Old) Boys in Blue
Friday night at the discotheque having a pogo getting wrecked it's been a long week so I'm gonna have a drink or two.

Take the party into the street and the nights still looking pretty sweet until we have a little run in with the bad old boys in blue.

Bad oldboys in blue arresting me protecting you. Wahts a punk supposed to do with the bad old boys in blue.

Baby got drunk on a Saturday night screaming at me trying to start a fight guess she doesn't see things quite the way I do.

Kick me in the balls got me in a headlock then at the frontdoor I heard a knock who could it be but the bad old boys in blue.

Bad old boys in blue protecting me arresting you...
Track Name: Radio Zipcode
I first saw you on the medium wave you gave me a feeling I can't explain oh no, where did you go?

Look at the wireless feeling transfixed, I feel like a junkie who's got his fix oh no, where did you go?

I found a door where there was a wall, this is your wake up call.

I heard your voice on the radio, it gave me a feeling I can't let go
And every song is a song we know tonight, you got me shining like a satellite

Living in the age of VHS but these video jockeys don't play requests I wanna hear, music across the stratosphere

Set the dial for the BBC I need a 45 record of my own symphony, oh no, London to New York, Tokyo
Track Name: Tom Slemen Timeslip
Temporal feedback fast forward rewind baby's goin crazy goin out of her mind a Bold Street vortex sucked her into the past Tom Slemen's got the answer a swirling temporal blast.

Bill and Teds got nothing on her Doctor Who's TARDIS is in for repair she's seen the past and the future unfold young forever she's not getting old.

Oh no oh yeah I think my baby's in a Tom Slemen timeslip.